Worldwide Needlestick Injuries

In Africa, India and many other places around the world, unsafe injections are routinely given by healthcare professionals. The reason these injections are unsafe is because the same dirty needles are used over and over again on hundreds of patients. A syringe still wet with blood from one patient is then used on another patient transmitting fatal diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

Many of these healthcare professionals do not know better or do not believe they have a choice with limited resources and the inability to afford one syringe per patient. Whatever the reason, once these healthcare professionals learn the fact that HIV, Hepatitis and many other terrible diseases are being spread through needle reuse, a new understanding results and often a change in behavior.

Africa and India have abnormally high rates of HIV and it is estimated that over 62.9% of injections in India were performed unsafely, meaning the same needle was used on more than one person. Each year syringe reuse is causing tens of millions to become infected with terrible diseases and each year, a million die. This is a great untold tragedy. The world needs your help to end this unnecessary transfer of deadly diseases.

Our goal is to educate doctors, nurses, government workers and other healthcare professionals about the dangers of needle reuse and the fact that safety syringes, which can only be used once, can provide an effective alternative that can save millions of lives.

Worldwide Needle Statistics

  • 40 Billion injections are given each year.
  • 40% of injections given are unsafe (
  • 50% of injections given to children are unsafe 1
  • Every 24 seconds a person dies as a result of having received an injection from an unclean syringe.

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